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"It's been so wonderful to watch the kids participate-i've loved seeing them step out of their comfort zones as they explore new forms of artistic expression, and it's incredible to watch them connect with each other and make new friends through performance as well" - Delilah (Workshop Leader and Volunteer), California

"10/10 experience! I will definitely come back!"" -Azania, Minnesota

"The games are really fun and we can interact with different people and get to know them." -Mackenzie, Oklahoma

"I like these classes because it's fun and I get time to dance and have fun. I love the teacher, they are very nice and help me get better." -Zayuri, California

I get so much joy from teaching these intelligent and hardworking dancers. They never fail to impress me whether it's through how fast they pick up choreography or their ability to establish their own dance styles at such a young age. The learning environment with ITP is just so special as there are always volunteers to make the students feel comfortable as they express themselves with various styles of dance and arts. Each class is so unique and memorable and I can't wait to meet new dancers and have even more fun in upcoming classes!! -Emily, California

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Today we had our star guest singer Elise Watson join us for our Sunday morning workshop and second week of Singing September. She began her workshop by discussing her background with singing, how to feel confident while singing, and some tips to enhance their singing. She then went into an exercise called Lemon and Lion, which is done through...

We started off Singing September in the best way possible with our guest singer: Haha Shi! She kept the class engaged and excited throughout her whole workshop. We started out by asking what their favorite Disney song was to prepare them for the class. After that, we played a group Kahoot to test how well students knew their Disney songs....

Our August 29th contemporary dance workshop was led by Robert Devoe. We kicked off the class with our questions of the day: what's your favorite ice cream flavor? Then we warmed up with a nice stretch to get our bodies ready. Next, we learned part of a contemporary combination to the song Due West. Then we did some improv and...