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"It's been so wonderful to watch the kids participate-i've loved seeing them step out of their comfort zones as they explore new forms of artistic expression, and it's incredible to watch them connect with each other and make new friends through performance as well" - Delilah (Workshop Leader and Volunteer), California

"10/10 experience! I will definitely come back!"" -Azania, Minnesota

"The games are really fun and we can interact with different people and get to know them." -Mackenzie, Oklahoma

"I like these classes because it's fun and I get time to dance and have fun. I love the teacher, they are very nice and help me get better." -Zayuri, California

I get so much joy from teaching these intelligent and hardworking dancers. They never fail to impress me whether it's through how fast they pick up choreography or their ability to establish their own dance styles at such a young age. The learning environment with ITP is just so special as there are always volunteers to make the students feel comfortable as they express themselves with various styles of dance and arts. Each class is so unique and memorable and I can't wait to meet new dancers and have even more fun in upcoming classes!! -Emily, California

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Bela taught our Acting workshop this week! We started introducing ourselves with the question of the day if you could live anywhere, where would you live? The we started playing a variety of acting improv games. We first started with one line stories where each participant went around and added one sentence to link together a story. Then we played...

We started off our ballet workshop with introductions where we shared our names and favorite fruits. Then, Emily taught us the five basic ballet positions. Once we practiced a few times, we played Simon Says with the different ballet positions. Then, we learned how to do plies and relev├ęs with a bar and put together a short routine with music....

Today, our very special guest teacher Izzy Tang taught a wonderful contemporary class this Sunday morning. She began her class with a captivating question of the day: What is your favorite sport to watch? After a great icebreaker to get to know each other, we hopped into a fun contemporary-based warm-up to make sure our muscles are woken up and...