About Us

Meet the Co-Founders!

Sharisa You '22, Co-President 2020-2022

Amherst College

Ashlyn Hunter '22, Co-President 2020-2022

Texas Christian University

We are both members of the high school class of 2022. We originally started this program during the pandemic to be able to spread our love for dance to students in California who didn't have the opportunity to take classes. Eventually, we began to expand Inspiring Tomorrow's Performers to underserved students all across the United States, and now all across the world. At the same time, we have also broadened our curriculum to include all kinds of performing and visual arts. 

Leadership Team

President: Emily Zhou, 12th Grade

My name is Emily Zhou. I am a senior at The Bishop's School. My dance education started at the age of five when I participated in competitive rhythmic gymnastics for six years. During those years, I started my classical ballet training with the Royal Academy of Performing Arts. Starting at the age of 11 I fully committed to just ballet and began competing in various competitions including the Youth American Grand Prix. For the past five years, I fell in love with contemporary dance and began furthering my education in both styles. Dance has always been a passion of mine and I can't wait to continue spreading the art form to younger students with ITP!

Co-Vice President: Izzy Tang, 11th Grade

I'm Izzy Tang, and I'm a junior at the Bishop's School. Since I was a child I've always been involved in the arts, whether it's violin, dance, or rhythmic gymnastics. Around five years ago I completely switched to ballet and contemporary. I'm extremely excited to be able to give back to these kids at ITP and share these new experiences.

Co-Director of Outreach: Riley Brunson, 10th Grade

Hi! My name is Riley and I am currently a sophomore at The Bishop's School. I have been singing since I was four and started participating in dance and theater when I was eight years old. Taking part in the performing arts has given me a positive and safe space to express myself while also having lots of fun and learning from others around me. My favorite styles of dance are ballet and contemporary and I really enjoy singing musical theater and classical music. I can't wait to share my love and experiences of the arts to the kids of ITP!

Co-Director of Fundraising: Nora Bitar, 10th grade

Hi! I'm Nora and I'm currently a sophomore at Bishop's. I've been dancing since I was nine years old, and I plan to continue all throughout high school. I love using dance as a way to express my emotions and feelings, but also just to have fun and make new friends. I also adore listening to music and I'm always up for some recommendations (my favorite artist is Taylor Swift!). I'm so excited to share my love for dancing, music, and the arts with lots of new people through ITP:)

Director of Social Media and Graphics: Mira Singh, 10th grade

My name is Mira Singh and I am a sophomore at The Bishop's School. I have always been involved in the arts, but I really focused in on my passion when I participated in my first musical when I was eight years old. Ever since then, I have consistently been involved in acting, singing, and dancing. My favorite dance styles are tap and jazz. The performing arts are such an important aspect of my life, so I cannot wait to share my experience with the kids of ITP! 

Co-Vice President: Bela Gowda, 11th Grade

My name is Bela and I am a junior at The Bishop's School. I have been playing piano since I was 7 and dancing since I was 8. My favorite styles of dance are ballet and contemporary. I am so excited to connect my passion for working with kids and performing arts by volunteering with ITP.                                                

Co-Director of Outreach: Ellise Lee, 11th Grade

I'm Ellise Lee, and I'm a sophomore at the Bishop's School. I've been passionate about visual arts for as long as I remember, and I really enjoy creating artistic pieces using multiple different mediums. I feel it's really liberating and a great creative outlet to make things, whether they're drawings, sculptures, photographs, etc. I'm very excited to teach other students and share what I've learned over the years.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Co-Director of Fundraising: Niamh Malhotra, 12th grade

Hi! I'm Niamh, and I'm a senior at the Bishop's School. I love all of the performing arts, but my main focus is dance. I started dancing when I was 4 and began competing and going to conventions when I was 10. I am currently captain of my dance team. My favorite styles of dance are contemporary, tap, and jazz. I love working with kids and I am so excited to continue working with ITP!


Delilah Delgado '21, Acting & Dance, Workshop Leader

Williams College

Clare Malhotra '22 , Music Workshop Leader

University of Chicago

Cami Farrell '22, Dance Workshop Leader 

Boston College                                                          

Nadia Bitar '22, Director of Fundraising

Brown University                                                    

Robert Devoe '22, Dance Workshop Leader

Duke University                                                        

Elise Watson '22, Singing Workshop Leader

University of California, Los Angeles                     

Mira Gowda '22, Director of Graphics

Morehead-Cain Scholar, UNC-Chapel Hill        

Haha Shi '22, Singing Workshop Leader

University of Southern California                          

Ellie Hodges '22, Visual Arts Workshop Leader

Columbia University