01/16/22 Improv Workshop


Today we had our very Co-founder teach an amazing Improvisation class also known as Improv. Improv is movement or choreography that is not predisposed and instead made up at the moment. Our question of the day was "What was our New Years Resolution?" After we said our goals, Sharisa led a warm-up to get us ready to explore movement. Our first improv exercise included moving to different songs from different genres and vibes. We then discussed and reflected on the experience through answering questions like what was hard, what was easy, how did you know what style to dance? Then, we moved based on being surrounded by different objects: molasses, nails, and marshmallows. This carried us into our next activity where we danced based on color. The colors we did today were pink, blue, yellow, and black. We then began to impersonate different objects my personal favorite was, dance like you are crumbled pieces of paper. Some others included lava, bubbles, and rain. With only an hour on the clock, we covered so many different areas of improv and let our imaginations run wild!!