01/23/22 Modern Workshop


This Sunday's vibes are chill and relaxing as Nadia teaches a Modern Dance Workshop. The class started with the question "Do you have any pets and if yes what are their names?" Most shared that they have dogs and some names were Foxy, Honey, and Levi. Then, Nadia gave a short introduction about Modern dance, she explained that it is similar to contemporary dance but includes more ballet. A famous modern dancer would be Martha Graham. To start the class, we started with a few stretches to practice our flexibility. After that, we did an improv exercise where three songs with different moods were played and the students and volunteers danced based on the feeling of the song. Nadia then started to teach a combo to the class to the tune of Dorothea by Taylor Swift. The students were able to execute the graceful choreography really well and the class ended with smiles and good vibes.