01/30/22 Acting Workshop


Today we had Mira Gowda teach a wonderful acting glass with so many fun different activities. To get to know everyone we started with a question of the day: what is your favorite show or movie? Then we went into a warm-up with tongue twisters, one of the more challenging tongue twisters was "I wish to wash my Irish wristwatch." Then we played the game called "I am taking with me on my road trip.." Then each person goes around in the order of the alphabet and says what they are bringing, i.e. I am bringing on my road trip avocados, boats, cats, and eggs. Then we played the connecting sentence game in which one person says a sentence and the next person has to start their sentence with the last word of the previous sentences. Then we played a story game in which other people had to guess if your story was true. Overall we had many great and fun games that made our brains think and made us all laugh!