02/27/22 Fine Arts February: Week 4


Today was our last workshop of Fine Arts February, and it was taught by Ellie. We kicked it off with an icebreaker similar to last week's, where we wrote our name in bubble letters or an interesting font, then drew our favorite food next to it. Our favorite foods ranged from sushi to pie!

Then, we all grabbed an object from around our house. We tried to draw it in three different time frames: 30 seconds, 1 minute, and 5 minutes. Once our drawing skills were all warmed up, we did an activity with bold lines. We filled up an entire piece of paper with circles, but we drew each one with only one pen swoop. Then, we decorated our circles with all types of patterns: stripes, dots, faces!

Next, Ellie led us through how to draw a glass of water. She broke down the glass into a few simple shapes: an oval and a curved rectangle. Then, we practiced breaking down more complicated objects (our hands) into smaller shapes! For our last activity, we learned to draw a face by using the same technique of breaking it into smaller shapes.