03/27/2022 Jazz Funk Workshop


Today Lila led us in a really unique Jazz Funk workshop. We started off by doing a round of introductions where we shared what animal we would want to be and why. Then, Lila explained what Jazz funk really is for everyone. We learned about the individuality of this style of dance and where we have seen this style before. Then, Lila led us in a super fun warm to some of our favorite songs that we hear on the radio. Then, we did a quick mini lesson on isolations by isolating different parts of our body such as our head and hips. Then Lila had us improve to the song "Good Time", before jumping into the combination Lila choreographed to this song. After learning this super upbeat and fun combo, Lila led us in a super fun improv dance party to some of favorite songs such as "Walking On Sunshine"