10/10/21 Contemporary Workshop


Today, our very special guest teacher Izzy Tang taught a wonderful contemporary class this Sunday morning. She began her class with a captivating question of the day: What is your favorite sport to watch? After a great icebreaker to get to know each other, we hopped into a fun contemporary-based warm-up to make sure our muscles are woken up and ready to dance! Then Izzy took some of the most difficult ricks from her combo and taught them one at a time to make learning easier for everyone. This included so crazy high kicks and body rolls! We then hopped into our combo for the day which was filled with lively moves to the song Loverboy by A-Wall. After concluding the piece for the day, we practiced our improv skills to the same song. Our improv skills were incorporated into the combo as we wrapped up the piece with an improv section.