10/3/21 Dance History Workshop


October 3rd's Dance History workshop started off with introductions all around and a fun icebreaker question: Which superhero would you like to be? Answers included Wonder Woman, Black Widow, and Elastigirl. Then, our workshop leader Ashlyn talked about the origins of dance in India and the oldest dance style, belly dancing. We debated whether or not dance should be considered a sport, and watched videos spotlighting different styles of dance, including ballet, Chinese fan dance, and jazz. Next, we took a fun dance trivia quiz, and our winner was Teal, who answered 3 questions right! For the next part of the workshop, we got to get up and dance! One of our volunteers led a warmup, and we improvised to songs that varied in genre and emotion. Our final activity involved everyone making up a dance move and then putting them all together to make one great dance! Thanks to everyone who came today-we hope you had as much fun as we did!