10/31/21 Halloween Dance Workshop


We started our Halloween arts workshop with an icebreaker where we all shared our costumes! We had princesses, deer, angels, and lots of other fun costumes! Then we did an improv game where we went around and shouted out a Halloween word, like zombie or werewolf, and everyone posed like that word. We built up to a harder version of that: Charades! We acted out words like coffin, ghost, and scarecrow. After that, we did a warm up to get our bodies moving with The Monster Mash song in the background and went into some improv. We switched our improv based on different Halloween characters that we were acting like. We acted like a witch, Frankenstein, and a ghost. Then, we learned three of the dance moves to Thriller. Finally, we did a drawing activity where we drew spiderwebs and pumpkins.

It was so fun seeing everyone in their costumes and participating today!