4/18/21 Acting Improv Workshop


The Acting Workshop, taught by Delilah Delgado, was full of fun and interactive activities! We started with a "what's in my pocket?" memory game to warm up our brains. We were able to list and remember objects for every letter of the alphabet, ranging from watermelons and jack-o-lanterns to art teachers and tuxedos. Then, we moved onto a one-word story-making game, where we went around and each said one word to make sentences of a story together. This was our favorite story that we made:
Every week, a miraculous prisoner dove over seventeen buildings. It skipped one building each month. He walked around with knives and stubby feet that danced weirdly. The prisoner decided to escape because he never wanted any keys. After escaping, he danced away into the ocean forever. But cows followed them to the bathroom.
Then, we started a charades game! There were lots of different categories, including sports and things you do in quarantine. This was a great game to learn a little more about all of the participants and what they do in their spare time. Our final game was a storyteller game, where a participant was given a random object and emotion and they told a story relating the two. One of our favorites was when Ashlyn told a story about feeling jealous of a horse. One of our participants said that "The games are really fun and we can interact with different people and get to know them." All in all, this workshop was a huge success even for people who had never acted!