5/23/21 Musical May: Week 3


On 5/23 we held our third Musical May Workshop. We started with a fun icebreaker talking about our favorite movies and tv shows. Next, we did a warm-up game where the workshop leaders played a popular song and we guessed what the song names were. Next Mira taught us different kinds of instruments by playing different instrument sounds and guessing what instruments they were. We learned about a huge variety from trumpets to bagpipes to cowbells to piano organs. The next activity was listing to different songs and trying to figure out what kinds of instruments were used in the making of the song. We also discussed pitch and beats with this activity. Some of the songs we looked at were Willow by Taylor Swift, Butter by BTS, and Halo by Beyonce. In the last activity, each student was able to create their own song. Collectively the students came up with symbols and corresponding actions. For example, a star meant one clap and a checkmark meant stomping. Then each student created their own order and created a mini song. Then we linked all of them together into one bigger song!