5/30/21 Musical May: Week 4


On 5/30 we held our fourth and final Musical May workshop, led by Sharisa and Ashlyn. We started with an icebreaker where we all introduced ourselves and talked about our favorite foods. Next, Mira and Nadia did a quick review on music notes and rests from the first week of Musical May. Our next activity was a clapping rhythm exercise where Sharisa and Ashlyn clapped out different rhythms and the participants clapped them back. This was a warm-up exercise to get the participants to focus on listening to different rhythms. After that Sharisa taught the basic rhythm of the cup song by clapping and tapping the table. Then, Ashlyn taught us how to use bring the cup into the rhythm. In the end, we did it to the speed of the original cup song! Next, we had a discussion about how your body can be used as a percussion instrument which led into our final activity: step dance! First, Sharisa taught us an upper-body routine using just the arms. Then, Ashlyn taught us a full-body routine. Lastly, we put those two routines together for our final step dance routine.