3/28/21 Introduction to Dance Workshop


On the afternoon of March 28, 2021, Inspiring Tomorrow's Performers held their first workshop-a dance class where participants were able to learn about dance and participate in making their own choreography. The class started off with an icebreaker question, where everyone introduced themselves and named their favorite animal-answers included dogs, turtles, and dolphins. Then, there was a quick warmup to get ready to dance. Next, Ashlyn, one of the ITP leaders, explained the five actions of dance to the class: jump, turn, travel, gesture, and stillness. The participants went around creating their own dance move, which were all strung together into a phrase. Finally, the class experimented with different songs from different artists and genres, such as "Just Got Paid," "Love Story," and "God Is a Woman," the last one being a suggestion from one of the participants, Mackenzie. Overall, this class was a great experience and an opportunity to learn more about dance and get exercise in a fun way.