4/11/21 Dance History Workshop


Our Dance History Workshop, taught by Ashlyn, consisted of a variety of different actives and discussions. We began by discussing the importance of understanding and knowing about the history of dance and learned one of the first types of dance was actually Belly Dancing. Dance history allows us to gain a better understanding surrounding the events, challenges, and celebrations that helped to form the people who developed our art form. From our first recorded discovery of dance, 9,000 years ago, to modern present-day dance, there are many different types of dance besides the common Ballet, Jazz, and Hip Hop. There is theatrical, spiritual, social, celebratory/ritual, and grieving dance. As we further progressed, we watched video clips of different types of dance to get a better visual understanding. To finish off, we warmed up and learned a Jazz style combination to Billie Jean by Micheal Jackson, using some of his most famous moves. Micheal Jackson was iconic for his unique dance style and rhythm so we thought it would be fun to learn from someone of recent dance history.

Overall, the class was fun and a great way to broaden our understanding of dance history. At the end of our workshop, one student said, "Thank you, this class was a 10/10 experience! I will definitely come back!"