Crash Course in Dance Summer Camp: Day 2


On June 22, 2021, Izzy Tang led the second day of the Inspiring Tomorrow's Performers dance camp for a ballet class. The class started with introductions all around, including the question of the day: what is your favorite drink? The participants and volunteers had a variety of fun answers, ranging from the Starbucks Pink Drink to iced tea and boba. Then, Izzy led a barre warm-up, which included exercises like relevés, or rises onto your toes, and calf stretches. Next, the class did some work at the barre, learning the six traditional ballet positions, and practicing tendus, where the foot is stretched out from the dancer, dégagés, fondus, and leg swings. Izzy taught a few brief combinations to practice what had been taught at the barre, including some focusing more on pliés and relevés, as well as one demonstrating petit allegro, or small jumps. Finally, the class culminated in a longer, more complex combination set to "Dance, Baby!" by Boy Pablo where everyone was able to put the skills they had learned throughout the day into practice.