Immersion in Art Summer Camp: Day 1


We started off the week strong with Sharisa You, a co-founder of ITP, teaching dance and improv. She brought much joy, fun, and smiles! We started off getting to know a little bit about each other with a question of the day: If you were in the Olympics, what sport would you play? Sharisa then led everyone through an informative warm-up with great music! We then moved into defining improv and choreography before we began. Sharisa then put on different types of songs: upbeat, slow, and sad. We talked about it and how we felt while dancing. Secondly, we used our imagination to dance through different materials like molasses, marshmallows, and nails on a floor. Then, Sharisa guided the class through color improv. Color Improv is designed to help kids feel emotions while dancing without specifically defining them to a specific feeling. We gave them a color and the students dance according to how that color emotionally, mentally, or physically relates to them. Our final activity, we got everyone involved. We started with our leaders who came up with one movement to begin our larger piece. Then each student came up with a dance move and we linked them all together to make on big dance!