Immersion in Art Summer Camp: Day 2


The second day was a blast with Clare and Mira teaching music! First, we opened up with the question of the day: What fun thing did you do over the summer? Next, we made up a fake address and clapped along to it to understand rhythm. We were also shown how music is divided into measures and how long each type of note lasts. To practice, we clapped out different rhythms and note lengths. After a short break, we played a name that tune game. Everyone else knew a lot more music than I did! Lastly, we learned how to read music on a staff. We made up an acronym to learn the names of the notes. As a fun exercise, we spelled out the words to a song using note names. We even had people spell out their own words on the music staff! Finally, we played a bingo game where we tried to find the notes shown on the screen on our bingo board!