Immersion in Art Summer Camp: Day 4


Ashlyn, a co-founder of ITP, led the 4th day of our camp by teaching an acting improvisation class. She started the camp posing two questions: "what would you do if you could not fail?" and "what color are you feeling?" She then led a name game where everyone came up with a movement to pair with their name and everyone went around and had to remember everyone's action and name. Following that, we made a story by having every person contribute a single word that linked together to form a very absurd story! After that, we moved into a game of charades in which some of the words included Broadway star, Gardner, giraffe, sloth, and doctor. After a short break, we did an improv exercise where the students created a story on the spot to answer the question "Why were you late to work?" or "Where is your homework?" There were some very absurd and funny stories created during this exercise and it was definitely the highlight of this workshop! Next, we played the question game. The student could choose from the four emotions sad, happy, angry, and scared to answer a question Ashlyn gave the students. Then the rest of the class had to guess what emotion the student was using to answer the question. Our very last game was called "Mime Carry" where one actor mimes an object and they hand it over to the next person and it continues going till no one is left. At the end of the line, everyone tried to guess what the object was. This workshop was so fun and we definitely can see some future actors in these kids!