Immersion in Art Summer Camp: Day 5


Ellie ended our summer camp by teaching a drawing class. The first thing she taught me was how to draw 3D shapes. She started out explaining how to draw a cube and then she when into how to make a circle into a sphere. She did this by teaching the basics of shading. Now using their knowledge of shading, the students were challenged to shade a cube. After getting to decorate all their objects, Ellie moved on to an exercise called contour drawing. All the students chose objects and tried to draw them with only one line. After that, Ellie added a layer of difficulty where the students could no longer look at the paper while they were drawing. Definitely, a challenge but the students did so well! Next Ellie had the kids draw out the answer to the question of the day which was "what is your favorite sweet food?" We spent the remainder of the class learning how to draw cartoons and creating our own! Ellie was such a fun teacher and the kids seemed to learn and improve super quickly!