Upcoming Workshops

Here are our upcoming workshops! Click to sign up for each one that you are interested in! If you are curious about our past workshops, please click the "Workshops" page or the button below. Make sure to check the time zone conversion chart because all the times listed below are in Pacific Standard Time. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for information about our summer camps!

10/17/2021 Ballet Workshop

What: Ballet Workshop taught by Emily

When: October 17th, 9 AM-10 AM PST

Where: Zoom!

On October 17, we will be exploring the art of classical ballet together! First, we will start off the class just like any other ballet class... with barre! We will learn the ballet basics and the vocabulary associated with certain movements. After we are all warmed up, we will move to the center and learn petite allegro. This involves small jumps in place as well as a few medium-level jumps across the floor. We will also challenge ourselves and explore the basic turns in ballet. When we covered all the necessary skills, we will watch videos of variations performed by professional ballet dancers and even try some of their most famous steps! This includes variations from beloved shows The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella! I cannot wait to leap, twirl, and dance with everyone soon!

10/24/2021 Acting Workshop

What: Ballet Workshop taught by Bela!

When: October 24th, 9 AM-10 AM PST

Where: Zoom!

This week we will be exploring theatre with various acting games and improvisation techniques! Get to ready warm-up, play the number game, character charades, and more! Make sure to bring a water bottle and put on your acting shoes!

10/31/21 Halloween Dance Workshop 

What: Halloween dance workshop taught by Ashlyn

When: Sunday, October 31st, 9 am - 10 am PST

Where: Zoom!

11/7/21 Music Rhythm Workshop

What: Music Rhythm Workshop taught by Mira

When: Sunday, November 7th, 9 am - 10 am PST

Where: Zoom!

Come learn about rhythm and play fun music games like "Name that Tune"! We will be learning about beats are in a measure and reading music.